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How I came to love InteractBuilder by Ted Ollikkala, Singapore

Let me tell you why I’m so excited about InteractBuilder. Apps are the hottest game in town. The app game is bigger than the rise of the Internet giants Google and Yahoo. And the best part about it is, the playing field is level, so your app has a chance and you can compete with […]

Reference Guide Available Now

There are many different behaviors and interaction that are available to you in the InteractBuilder. To help you easily learn about all the different behaviors and interactions we have published a Reference Guide for the InteractBuilder software. You can access the new reference guide directly from the InteractBuilder educational center. Click here to access our […]

Did you miss our webinar Sunday March 30th?

Were you unable to attend because it was late at night and you were too busy sleeping? InteractBuilder 4.0 Preview Watch Now In this webinar we featured a preview the of the upcoming version 4.0 of the InteractBuilder. We have been hard at work and there are significant changes that will further improve our growing […]

Greetings from the land of things that Bite you!

Greetings from the land of things that bite you, Australia (my exclamation key is not working on my keyboard, so feel free to insert an exclamation mark, where you like). I am guest blogger Brett Curzon. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, my aim is to keep you awake, semi conscious at best, for the duration […]