About Us

InteractBuilder started in 2010 with a simple goal: to help creative people build interactive ebooks for mobile devices. We wanted these books to offer hands-on experiences, where young readers could tap, tilt, and swipe at objects on the screen and watch them move, change, and make sounds. We wanted the reader to become part of the story. Most importantly, we wanted to let the authors create these ebooks without ever writing a single line of code.
And we did it. We created InteractBuilder—a simple, intuitive, point-and-click style software that lets authors (not developers!) write their own masterpieces. Soon, we added InteractBooks, our own publishing company and bookstore app to help our authors distribute their products to all the major app marketplaces like iTunes and GooglePlay. The result has been exciting. Authors and illustrators have released beautiful, immersive, high quality books that kids adore.

But we didn’t want to stop there. Just 18 months after we released our first version of the InteractBuilder software, we realized it had the potential to go beyond ebooks and create:

• Interactive Photo albums
• Rich Educational Material
• An Interactive Presentation
• Media-rich Greeting Cards
• Unique, Interactive Games
• Interactive Training Materials

In short, we saw that InteractBuilder is an extremely flexible platform for developing, prototyping, and publishing all kinds of interactive media. Since then, we have been adding new features, and tweaking like crazy in order to get it ready for you. If you can dream it up, our software can help you build it. And then, we can help you share it with the world.