How I came to love InteractBuilder by Ted Ollikkala, Singapore

Ted OllikkalaLet me tell you why I’m so excited about InteractBuilder. Apps are the hottest game in town. The app game is bigger than the rise of the Internet giants Google and Yahoo. And the best part about it is, the playing field is level, so your app has a chance and you can compete with anyone in each of the platform markets for success in reaching your target audience. It’s all about creativity and marketing , and now –  the tools to create your own app are literally in the palm of your hand!

So who am I? My name is Ted Ollikkala and I have no app building experience. So why am blogging at ? I’m just a regular guy who is wildly creative and has some great ideas I’d like to bring to the marketplace. You? You might be a children’s story writer, or a game developer. But you’re not an app builder either. At least you didn’t think you were…

Consider this – app building should not be rocket science. There should be a tool as easily usable as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint for creative people like you and me to create apps. That’s why I am so excited about InteractBuilder.

My own experience of writing a book and bringing it to market may serve as a good example. First of all, I love to design my own 3D characters, scenes, and props (it’s my hobby).  I once had the idea to incorporate these wonderful characters into a story, perhaps a novel.  But not a comic book, or a graphic novel – something that readers can INTERACT WITH. But unless I have a team of designers and contract with a publishing house, I’m just plain out of luck. And I’d be broke in the process, with no guarantee of success.

The Magic Village

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After researching for well over a year for a way to bring my project to the market by publishing an app to the iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle marketplaces, I came across InteractBuilder. Immediately, the benefits became super clear.

This is what I discovered – you can sign up to be an InteractBuilder member. And it’s free to join. You can even build and test out your app completely free of charge. When you’re ready for the professional features just upgrade your membership for a very affordable annual fee and they will take care of the publishing process. It’s that simple. No programming skills are required – “if you can point and click, then you can design an app”, says InteractBooks CEO Ezra Weinstein.

If I were to write a Press Release for InteractBuilder, it would go like this:

So, do you want some DIY software to design your own app? Do you want control over all the features that make it truly interactive, including path animations and word highlighting? How about embedded videos and an app inside an app? They can do it (and more). Would you like the app store approval process to be effortless when submitting your app to the marketplaces? YES, ALL OF THEM J. Do you want instant access to sales statistics from your published apps from one control panel? Would you like to share your app privately with a group of people (company employees, for example, or a monthly interactive newsletter?). All this and more – you are limited only by your creativity.

In part two of this blog post I will explain the process of how I put together the content to create a truly unique product, share some WIP screenshots (it’s very much still a work in progress), the tools used, the roles of the various members of my project team, and the support I’m already receiving from various communities of digital artists. All this on a DIY budget (I’m not rich and maybe you aren’t either), but don’t forget – we can compete with the likes of every major player in the app stores.

I have caught the excitement of a wonderful sense of “it’s time to seize the moment”, for the incredible opportunity that’s been put literally in the palm of our hands for the very first time. And I hope you do too. Excuse me – I have to go build an app. Thank you for reading.

Ted Ollikkala


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