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Build your own app.
No programming.

Build, Share and Publish Apps
No Programming Skills Required


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InteractBuilder is a Windows and Macintosh application for developing interactive apps for mobile, touchscreen platforms including iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire. It’s time to revolutionize the app creation market and give people the tools to create their own apps!


InteractBuilder uses cutting-edge technology to enable advanced functions including counters, multi-touch, animations, and mazes. Your interactive app can easily have narration, puzzles, games, animation, and more!


Share your apps with up to five people at no cost if you prefer to keep the apps off the public marketplaces. Simply send your app to specific people using their email addresses. Give your app as a gift or show it to a client!


InteractBuilder gives you the tools for unlimited freedom with unparalleled ease-of-use in developing your interactive app. Publish your creation for profit across multiple technologies including Apple, WIndows Mobile, and Android.

Can you point and click?

Then you can design an app with InteractBuilder!

InteractBuilder is a simple software tool that lets creative people like you design mobile apps and stories without ever writing a line of code.

It’s like PowerPoint, except instead of creating presentations, you’re creating mobile apps. If you have a good idea, and you know how to point and click, you can design an app. And when your creation is ready, you can share it with your friends, and we’ll help you sell it to anyone with a mobile device.

About Us

InteractBuilder started in 2010 with a simple goal: to help creative people build interactive ebooks for mobile devices.

And we did it. We created InteractBuilder—a simple, intuitive, point-and-click style software that lets authors (not developers!) write their own masterpieces.

But we didn’t stop there. We formed InteractBooks, our own publishing company, and InteractStudios, creative developer team to help authors distribute their creations to online marketplaces.

Since then, we have been adding new features, and tweaking like crazy in order to get it ready for you. If you can dream it up, our software can help you build it. And then, we can help you share it with the world.

  • InteractBuilder Software

    The point-and-click, app-building, totally free software lets you build your own story without messing with code.

  • InteractBooks

    InteractBooks is our popular app, and our online publishing company. When you design an ebook with InteractBuilder, you can publish and distribute it through our app!

  • InteractStudios

    InteractStudios is our in-house developer team that makes it all work for you. We handle all the “under the hood” code work for your apps, and also deal with the app marketplaces themselves. And since we are experts in our own software, we can even take your idea and create an app for you! You’ll be amazed at how cost-effective it can be!

  • Find Out More

    Find out more about our company, and how we can help you.

Media Rich, Interactive Apps

Apps should be experienced.
Tablets should be tilted.
Pictures should be tapped and swiped.
Images should move, twirl, and make sounds.
This is the power of true interactive media.

Experience the apps of InteractBuilder.

What others say about InteractBuilder

Dr. Reid Whitaker

STEMscopes makes science and engineering concepts available to 1.6 million students every day with inquiry-based activities.  InteractBuilder is a perfect fit as it lets kids create apps around science themes and instantly see the results.  Learning about rotation and revolution of the planets?  Students can easily make an app to see the difference.  We get students to think critically about design and project-based learning, and there’s no better method than using digital tools like InteractBuilder.

Dr. Reid WhitakerFounderSTEMscopes
Joyce A. Evans

IB3 is a powerful app building software that allows my creativity to soar without worrying about the mechanics of how to fly! There’s no need for me to learn programming! My entire time is spent on the page design and the endless possibilities of creating fun interactions for the user! The platform is exceptionally user friendly and utilizes tools that save time and enhance productivity! Native Photoshop files are easily imported and with a few added behaviors and actions, I have a fully functional interactive page in minutes! Plus the tutorials are right at my fingertips to guide me along the way!

Joyce A. EvansAuthorFrootBearer
Brett Curzon

As an author and illustrator, I wanted to move into the complex world of apps.  Anyone that has been in the same position knows how over whelming that can be, especially without any training in that field.  I have been using InteractBuilder from the very beginning, and I’ve been amazed at how easy it is to use.  With a ton of training videos, webinars and one on one help, the IteractStudios team are are always eager to make my app building experience a positive and successful one.  The upgraded software is even more user friendly.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend InteractBuilder… see for yourself.

Brett CurzonAuthorBill the Fish
Gary Harrison

We used InteractBuilder to create a fully interactive iPad kiosk application for use in our trade shows.  Not only did the app turn out to be a fantastic tool, but we finished it in a fraction of the time we expected!

Gary HarrisonPresidentConnected Business, Inc.